Conversation No. 1

A man, passing his earthly day, cannot comprehend the consciousness of a different plane by comparison.
For all his comparisons lie in the conventions of gross bodies. The higher consciousness, freed from these conventions, has a limitation only in itself. The limitations of the Earth’s man are not only those forms of wood, stone, iron that his body cannot pass through. But man has a limitation of passions.
Caring not about the path, a person cannot penetrate through the dense partitions with his body into the interior of the homes of those he meets. But the door opened with permission removes all obstacles — he comes in easily and simply. What is the situation for a man with the penetration into the temple of the oncoming one — in his heart? Only man himself, by the power of his love and purity, can press himself with his love against the love of the oncoming one. And no permission will merge him with the thought, joy and sorrow of the oncoming person. Only his own awareness of being one with the oncoming person can help him to stand not in the position of a spectator and a judge, but a friend and an assistant.
“Do not judge each other,” it is before everyone’s eyes; everyone understands this with his mind. But only he who strives with his heart to the joy or sorrow of the oncoming person will fulfill this covenant.
And yet, the first sign of the beginning of liberation, the beginning of an active life in unity is the power to see in the neighbor a fragment of the One, not subject to your judgment, but to touch which with your purity is the purpose of each meeting.
There is no reason to think that if you ascend to perfection, then you need special conditions. There are no special conditions, for everyone is given his own conditions; and consequently, they are as individually unique as the Lords of Karma could break centuries-old shackles of man. All the efforts of the Bright Brotherhood are directed to the acceptance of each in the bonfire of their love.
Their great mercy breaks with the hammer of love the partitions of human preconceptions and conventions that everyone wove for himself. They bring a person’s vision through centuries of his work and leave traces in him following which his new life seeks to break through the obstacles of the day. And only because what is easy and simple to one, is torment to another. That which one is filled with in his spirit and beauty seems to others to be idleness.
You can read torment or joy in the heart of the person you meet only when in yourself the calm aspiration has given strength to the spirit. If at least a stream of passions makes noise in you, it is almost impossible to draw your attention to another life.
Is it possible to become a disciple under these conditions? How can a person bring, not twisted, at least one thought of the Teacher to the earth, if it is not the sound of a liberated heart that reigns in him, but pain and dissatisfaction, a struggle with oneself.

Removing the emptiness of selfishness and switching over to the basis of common goodness, one feels the joy inside of a released huge ring of light that burned all passions. But this light has not fenced him with a wall from communication with the living ring of people; it drew to itself this living ring, and everyone’s thoughts switched over to more subtle and pure substance of the spirit in the aura. For he who could stay in the ring of your light, by all means burned in it at least a little of his conditionality. To calculate the logical moves of education exactly how to move the light on the person you meet is impossible. For in matters of the spirit, the logic is the same for everyone — Love. And no matter how much you are looking for excuses for your not particularly high behavior without leaving the condemnation rings of the person you meet, no matter how much you are telling yourself that those to whom you came, are still vile, still half-animal, — then you know that you came to them, not bearing the light of the Teacher but your personality.
And a person can’t budge until he learns to disassemble barriers in himself in order to conditionality and superstitions of the one he meets, not finding support, could shed like dry chaff.

Living in a modern society, where you see the whole lack of upbringing, what should you carry in yourself if you want to learn how to draw your attention to creativity, and not to the hustle and bustle of the external among people? You must be free yourself from the external. The external should not strike you at your sore spots, for only strength, energy, determination of the heart live in your entire consciousness, and you have nothing to perceive the trifle and rebellion of passions with.
The passion of guile and flattery, the thirst to drown you and climb oneself higher- everything touches you only to the extent that your consciousness operates in illuminating the conventions of the time, and not in fidelity to the eternal work of the Teacher.
Do you want to combine a pure life of the spirit and requirements of the earthly conventions? What about your goal?
Can’t you see in the ring of your obstacles only a way of your growth? Or do you seek to overcome them, so that your family could be satisfied, so that the life of your day could become more fun and easier, thanks to the conventional understanding of the earthly pleasures, to separate yourself from communication with a mass of people, close the door to your convenience for your neighbour?
There is no such way for the disciple. The disciple is the link of unity. On him, through him, the Highest liberated consciousness tries to shed its light. And only the one who understood this can enter the group of disciples — the engines of peace in the world.

Conversation No. 2

Helplessness of the infant is very touching and causes the most courageous care of the family, if charity dwells in their hearts.
So is the disciple. His helplessness is touching to the Master, and He, seeing the loyalty of the disciple indestructible, pours him his help and charity, without any conditionality and restriction from his side. And only the limitations of the disciple, built by his hesitation, unperfected thoughts, lack of self-confidence, stop him in front of the Golden Gate, that is, the threshold of knowledge. For knowledge is derived from the liberated places in the mind. It grows on the harmoniously sound waves of his actions.
Is it possible living on the earth, in the bustle of fires and human passions, and become a disciple? May one become a disciple somewhere in a very pure environment and then return to their neighbors, becoming their support and assistance? No, one may not. No one can be tempered out of their conditions and obstacles. And all conditions and obstacles will follow a person, if he has to win wherever he goes. To consider the period of discipleship as a preparation for activities is such as prejudice, as to think that the pure air and the sun can do any harm to the man.
There is no conventional training. The only condition in which any discipleship develops is the harmony of powers in the person.

One should not think that discipleship begins from the moment when the Teacher sends a disciple some message. Discipleship could begin two incarnations before, but the lack of harmony in the disciple did not make it possible to develop a memory of it. The measure of ascension is not the relationship of the Teacher to the disciple, but the attitude of the disciple to others and his mercy to them.
Having affirmed in the thought that everything is in himself, recognizing the real and the temporary, a person makes an initial step towards a meeting with the Teacher.
By making his attention to be fully attached to what is happening “now,” the disciple develops his vigilance. But how can he develop it? If, by an order of his will, he concentrates his attention, he only contributes to the wider development of his personality. If he crossbreeds mercy with attention, without any orders to himself, and peers out who and what there is before him, then he forgot about himself; he went, bypassing the plane of passions, into the plane of spiritual communication, even if the one standing in front of him cried and carried in himself the rebellion of passions.
How will a person who does not know the orbit of the Teacher’s actions communicate with his neighbours? Seeing grief, hearing moans and complaints, he will also cry, and through the efforts of his tears of sympathy, he will cut through even more holes in his neighbour’s and his own auras. And with his excitement, he will lead the oncoming one even deeper into the plan of passions. The disciple, always comprehending the bright courage of the Teacher, will turn the full power of his prayer to Him. All his courage will call into the temple of his heart, and, remaining in harmony, he will be able to help the sobbing oncoming person to enter his center of power, into his inner sacred temple – Love. And then, whatever revolt of passions the oncoming one comes with, he will throw off at least part of his gloom and find the strength to live for a moment in relative calm.
If, however, he couldn’t gain enlightenment near you and, leaving, he also complained about you, was indignant at your heartlessness, then he is still too far from the true understanding of unity. He still has to wear passionate covers for a long time, and you, having given him the whole world of your harmony, should not be upset by an unsuccessful meeting, and temper your courage even harder and descend in Teacher’s love for the next meeting being even more pure.

Is it possible to «decline» active actions, meetings? No meetings are accidental. And if you in your everyday life wouldn’t need any meeting, even with a thievish servant, you wouldn’t have it. But you needn’t see the sign of heaven in the details of everyday life. You mustn’t see in small successes and failures a reason for serious actions. Thus you can get into superstitions, and they will again create the veil of conventions and will lead you into the labyrinth, which you once got out of.
You need to support your daily actions with joy of union with the Teacher and the neighbour that no details of everyday life can intertwine in the form of superstition in your actions. Is worth seeing «predestination» when your shoe button came off, detaining you, and you missed the train, safely arriving by the next one, or to trouble yourself with idle questions such as why the doctor could not see me today? Why did I come by chance in someone else’s house — all this is an idle superstition, inept distribution of the forces among the temporary and the real, between the conventional and the constantly moving in two worlds.
If you saw in little things a simple attraction of your attention to the ease and agility of a cheerful and joyful state through you and in you, when the idea of irritation or superstition could not have place, you would have carried everywhere the loyalty and confidence in yourself.
If the foundation of your temple were solid, but had not double constantly in fluctuation between the true Life and narrow views, your head would not threaten a flood due to the idle examination of details.
Confusion in the man due to the chaos of all thoughts not brought to an end is worse than any snowstorm and ice-slick. Consciousness, constantly accustomed to believe that its guardianship is from outside, and not all which it guards and is guided is inside, is a superstition, which is no less hard to defeat than the microbe corroding the body.
Anyone who wants to enter into discipleship, first of all, should struggle against superstition for it is one of the thorns, being a stronghold of fear.

Conversation No. 3

Paths of people leading to the comprehension of the inner Truth are various. The path is difficult for everyone who sees sufferings around themselves, but does not understand their meaning and purpose.
To a “blind” person who is accustomed to understand the life of a gray day as a goal or as a means of achieving external brilliance and a career, everything that brings suffering and anxiety is understood as a simple intervention of someone else’s hostile will, which must be defeated by the strain of one’s own power.
The idea that meeting everyday obstacles is one’s own creativity never comes to the mind. A man’s opinion of the person he meets is so low that he always thinks to deceive his vigilance. It seems to him that it is very easy and even a sign of good manners to give the person a smile and a question about his health, and to conceal in himself hostile irritation and frustration at a non-timely meeting. It seems to him that he has so deeply hidden his hypocrisy and guile that no one will ever read his true forces living in his heart and thoughts.

But he hasn’t heard of aura at all, or has not understood it. After all, the basis of his own power is he himself alone. The Creator of his happiness or unhappiness is he alone, and nobody or nothing else.
The aura colour of the treacherous man is only orange-brown, passing into dirty gray-green. Purple lightings are flashing through it and in some places of the aura tumors of horrible ugly forms are hanging, for human thoughts helped them to live. The appearance of an elegant, dressed to the latest fashion man is deadly, if hypocrisy and duplicity eroded his aura, if a mascot of happiness given to him, his fragment of the One, does not burn more in the temple of his heart, and lies as a dead stone.
There is no further way in a human form for a person who could extinguish even a spark of Light in his temple. He gave his spiritual power to the beasts of the astral plane and in their midst he will have to continue his further journey. But there are no perpetrators of his misfortune, he is its Creator. Each creature descended to the Earth, is guarded as courageously as possible by the pure charity of the Lords of Karma to break the way for each one through the obstacles and enemies, created by oneself.
It’s time for the man to understand what his strength and weakness are. You can be blind and not to understand the eternity of life and its cycles in ever changing environment according to each chain of the movement of the eternal. But we must realize Love inside not only as a sensual act or duty, but as a mercy and as a joy. He who has pity and sympathy, not allowing the person he meets to feel his condescension and superiority has already fanned the spark of his fire, and it won’t extinguish forever.
He, who managed to transform the action of his mercy into courageous help, was able to impress his image in the eternal records where there is no end to the achievements and where the rise to perfection can occur without any “knowledge”.

Knowledge? Oh, how many intellectuals, with whose abstracts and articles bookshelves are overloaded where dust eats them away, passed from one incarnation to another, spending the energy of life on information that did not give joy to anyone. Through centuries and centuries, the same thirst for knowledge is revealed in them, not moving them from their place. And the mercy of the Lords of Karma finally plunges them either into a circle of terrible suffering, or into an environment where atheism is instilled in them, and through atheism they wake up to the Truth.
Knowledge — even true knowledge — leaves many without a bright advance, because they get confused in the scholasticism of book expositions, without chakras moving in them, the fire of which would give them sight and hearing, and would help to verify the Truth of books by the power of the life of Truth in themselves.
A disciple, who, in one way or another, has reached the opportunity to talk with the Teacher or even with much Higher Consciousness, must work at his attention and raise it in such a way that his attention to be fully oriented toward where he, the disciple, was once attracted by enlightened harmony.
It makes no sense to chase after new and new streams of Teacher’s words if the hesitation, doubts, denials of one thing in some book and the acceptance of another make up the whole point of what is read and result in passionate criticism. There is no discerning where there is such criticism. For this criticism is not born from the fire of thought and heart, merged harmoniously in peace, but from passions into which the personal is woven.
Only then a person can vigilantly recognize the strength or weakness of the words he read, unless a vague desire to reject one thing that is not suitable for him and accept the other as suitable for him lights up in his heart.
If he does not carry an attachment in himself, but only realizes that he penetrated into some words creatively, while he still could not penetrate into others with love, then he is on the right path, the only one where one can comprehend Wisdom.
Climbing the steps of discipleship is never easy. But no matter how difficult it is, the light in the disciple must always burn evenly. Only in steady light, in the absence of irritation, one can move on that path where an encounter with the Teacher gives rise to movement in the eternal.

Conversation No. 4

Human forces do not develop from constantly applying logic in all external affairs. The duality of a person who has a mask for everyone and within himself a hidden place, sacred «for himself» is not life. For life is the harmonious merging of thoughts and heart, as well as their harmonious outward action.
The path of affirming one or another force in oneself is necessary just because in one’s temple their fire multiplies all the possibilities of united actions — this is the path of those who want to carry out their work of the day in purity and honesty.
Masses? Personality? How to find a place among the masses, which in the modern era, as a collective force, have a say in the actions of the day? How can you open the doors of consciousness so wide in yourself as not to get confused between the individually reached and inaccessible for the masses height of your actions that you have found in the fire of your wisdom?
If the actions of your work are truly born of wisdom and harmony, they are accessible and understandable to the whole working mass of your era. Not only that, the more you experienced high passions, the more often you achieved heroic tension, the more dear you are to the masses of people around you; for the beauty of your genius attracts crowds after itself, just as any high heart conquers your neighbor, if its beauty is transfused into the wisdom of action.

None of the truly gifted has any doubts. For the loyalty of such people to their idea is equal to the very force of their lives.
Only the one who has not given all his attention to his work will stand thinking: “Who needs my work? And is my whole path necessary and true?” etc. It does not matter how many talents you have been able to develop. For all your talents are only the once attracted attention of yours to them.
And the important thing is how you developed your attention. What did you mean developing it. All this does not constitute the program of the day; it constitutes the eternal application of the coverings woven by you with which the Golden Gate of liberation is hidden from you.
There are no programs that would be prescribed to man, predetermined from above. There is his constant creativity, where it is impossible to get around or pass a single action. For they all follow the only law of creating the Universe — the Law of cause and effects.
Spirit is matter, and the life of this matter follows the same Law of cause and effects. There are no exceptions to this rule, there is only joy that can absorb thousands of causes with the speed of lightning and scatter them as dust, and with it alone you can defeat selfishness in yourself, and only with it you can direct your attention to the right path for communication with the one you meet.

If the duality of the person you meet, his petty thoughts, his almost incomprehension of wholeness, his adaptation to the current day with lies and conventionality suppress you, then you did not know how to put a pillar of your commensurability between the work of the Master and your own one. Laugh cheerfully and comprehend the weakness of your strength. And the growth of your strength will be directly proportional to your consciousness in yourself of the first basis of unity meetings.
As soon as you understand that your weakness was that you did not see a fragment of the One in the person you met, your courage will grow, and you will find the Teacher that will support you and the person in Love. To apply all knowledge to the matter means to get away from conditionals. For the common sense of dismantling partitions is to see the path of peace in which your creative heart can help another heart to get free, even before you.
But neither you, nor the person you meet can escape awkwardness and tension if your heart is not freed from the personal, if some chords in it can still be touched by the conditional irritation of another.

Conversation No. 5

Carrying heavily his circumstances of the day, man does not enter those paths where his liberation can begin. Only a high understanding that the power of joy forges a bridge to the ability to cast off one or another fetter, only constantly vigilant acceptance of all the circumstances can expand and reveal to a person the real opportunity to understand what depresses him in the current day.
Irritation. Where does it sometimes come from even in relation to people in whom only their love dictates certain actions to them? Why did the tactless act of the oncoming one — of whom you know that only love burns in him for you — annoy you? Is it really so difficult for you to turn his awkwardness into humor and go by this humor over the abyss of separation? Otherwise you will certainly increase it through your irritation.
Be very much aware that the time of childhood and instability has passed, that you cannot introduce one or another fluid of your egoism in the current day with impunity.
Realize forever that irritation is the background against which you weave all the dark lace, and with your help the astral shadows swallow up all your lamp lights, and your wicks smoke.

Can you, surrounded by sighs and supplications of shadows greedy for your anger, meet the Teacher in harmony and reverence?
Developing vigilance, you must clearly understand that you will not grow it through selfishness. Vigilance is the attraction of your rapt attention to the person or thing you are dealing with now. Vigilance is the power generated by you. And if this power was generated by you in a fire of passions, it will be as crooked as you yourself when lumps wrapped in steam bulge from your aura. And if you already carry within yourself a disease or weakness of the body, acquired by your misunderstood “virtues” and irritation, then communication with you for harmonious people is as unsafe as communication of ordinary people with violent lunatics.

The beginning of vigilance can only be generated by those people who clearly understood the real not as the idea, but as the action of a simple day. If a person carries in one of his pockets the ideas of devotion to the Teacher, if in his other pocket there are ideas of eternal and united Life, and in the third — the understanding of unity, but there is no life in the temple of his own heart, and all his “ideas” are manifested only in talks, and his acts express only irritation, turbidity, grief about himself and the person he meets, then he is simply a good keeper of treasures that do not belong to him. Perhaps, even with pleasure, he unfastens the buttons of his pockets and shows all these treasures to the oncoming ones. But the oncoming one, having admired them, will go on about his business, coldly thinking about the unsuitability and difficulty of so little efficient fetishes.

There is no such a way for the disciple. The disciple is not the gatekeeper of his Teacher’s ideas, he is a colleague, a coworker in everyday work, and there is no hard work and meetings with those who see in them work and meetings of his selfless friend — Teacher.
Listening to the whole symphony of the Universe, the whole body of the One, you may grow in spirit, only by living with all your body.
Only by combining through vigilance all your principles: the divine and the human, the Teacher’s one and the strength in joy, you can proceed in your growth.
And then the growth of the spirit knows no conventions, and no conditions can affect forces of the man or weaken the health of his body or body and spirit power.
Interweaving his thoughts and heart with the whole Bright Brotherhood, a disciple can neither burst in tears nor think anything, except that he himself is an obstacle in the discipleship.
There is no such discipleship on the earth — whatever it is expressed in: in science, in technology, in art, which would not require practical application. Also, there is no spiritual discipleship without application of its perfections in practice.
Why is the disciple to be upset if he was not able to immediately apply all the forces that he has been able to develop, keeping a harmonious love of the Teacher to the self-education and to the education of the person he meets?
There is no place for sorrow. But there is movement towards the broader consciousness of the disciple, all the more illuminated by the fire of Love within himself, for devotion to the Teacher, for joy in cooperation with Him.

Conversation No. 6

Three times a person is called for a conscious attitude to the earthly life proceeding. At first when his infancy ends, and for the first time, he begins independently to comprehend the logic of the earth. This moment for everyone comes at different times. Children’s logic and energy begin to act in a variety of ways, which depends on previous incarnations, that were completed not by peace and not by joy with any of the surrounding him companions of the new incarnation. Not a single entering a new incarnation can happen by chance, without having a connection with the people at the beginning of a new life. And for the first time the movement of active thought begins when the choice of love and hate is made in childhood. If the baby has not woven a harmonious ring in his previous lives, he will return to earth again in the ring of disharmony.
The second call is the choice of conscious labor and personal love. Here, the action of a physically developed person may still not have been developed spiritually. Although the powers of the mind and heart are developed, their courage can sleep, and sensuality and mind can live, not going beyond the personal. Family formation, as a cell of harmony, can also only be a burden of personality. For in a mature man his physical part prevails over the divine.
And the third call for a person, the concentration of all his forces, the culmination of his whole life, harmony and joy, even for a single moment is his death.
These three steps cannot be missed by anyone. Their significance, their proximity to each other depend on the opportunities created by the person himself, and only the forces of thought and heart, creating in harmony, are indicators of the time to reach one or another level.
There are no forces pushing a person from outside. There are no obstacles that can be used to judge a person’s happiness or unhappiness, for everyone, when he goes down to earth, has as his elemental a tablet written by the Lords of Karma. And the minimum human abilities are indicated in it. What he can achieve is the Light of his path, where there is no limit. Everything in him himself always descends alive and bright to the earth. Everything in him himself is like a scarlet ribbon connecting a baby with his elemental up to 7 years old, and through an elemental everyone is connected with that Lord of Karma in whose sphere he was born.

Nobody is neglected. But there are many unfortunate people who try to break their connection with the higher consciousnesses as soon as possible. In tablets that are invisible to a simple eye, the reader will always read clearly about the diverse nature of feelings and forces that tore such a creature in disharmony before.
It is time for a person to learn the truth of disharmonious beings. It is time for him to have a conscious attitude to his own and others’ lives; it’s time to change his understanding of “intolerable” and sick people to an awareness of the struggle of darkness and light principles in them.
It does not matter that a person is indifferent to his parents, but loves loyally and faithfully some outsider. But it is important that parents look at this love with kindness and purity, so that they try to bring harmony to the passion of the person entrusted to them, and use every love of their children to awaken in them the selflessness and energy of heroism.
Constant jealousy and reproaches that the child looks coldly at his own house, give rise to pain and a distortion of human energy. Parents have no ownership of their children. There are no fathers and mothers in eternity. Eternity knows only the wise cooperation of people, their unity in common labor, so that, passing the days of the earth, to grow, helping each other with love.
The phantom authority of the “head of the family” is a soap bubble of selfishness and self-esteem; it is broken by the hand of the everyday life at every step.
It’s time for a person to have a conscious attitude to his family cell and understand that personal happiness is not built in it and according to it, but the thread of delusions woven through the centuries is becoming obsolete through it.
If you gave life to a person, then your duty to him is exactly the same as his duty to you. And your connection is only your general karmic stage, at which both of you have to free each other from the prejudice of authority and admiration, as well as comprehend the greatness of the power of unity.

Having comprehended it in his family, a person waking up to the Truth-Wisdom transfers it to the entire circle of friends. Having strengthened in it, in communication with friends, applying the love of non-condemnation to them, he grows up, his thought with a wide wave makes a ring round him, and his joy breaks through the partitions of conventions, he enters into unity with every person he meets, and then his meeting with the Teacher is inevitable.
The path of conscious expansion of one’s actions in harmony leads a person to the brightest moment of his earthly life — to death.
And a blind person is most afraid of it. Why? For in his being, in his bodies there is no liberation. He is possessed by a conventionality of time, and true love, equal to the very strength of his life, could never escape from him with fire, for his loyalty in no way had complete integrity.
Integrity is not a prejudice of subjectivity and stubbornness which a person is inclined to take for it. Integrity is the harmonious life of all bodies of a person in joy. And only this integrity can make it possible to develop degrees of the three in one incarnation. And only from this integrity faithfulness to one’s path, faithfulness to the Teacher and faithfulness to the One can be born, faithfulness which leads to the movement of the chakras, opening eyes and ears.
It’s time for a man to realize where to look for psychic powers. It’s time to shift the focus of attention to everything in him himself, and not to the book. Wisdom is in him himself. The book is able to generate attention, and the life of a gray day is a constant application of the growing Wisdom of the heart in practice.
Taking into consideration his day of work and all the circumstances prevailing in it, it is time for a person to learn reading clearly his life and that of the person he meets. It is time to see not the power of fate, but of your own creativity in your environment. The gift of consciousness and attention is the developed or sleeping Wisdom of the heart.

Conversation No. 7

When analyzing his affairs of the day, a person should not grieve that one or another of them failed. He should strive to disassemble the partitions of conventions so that his joy would not fade from failure.
What can a person consider a failure? Failure is only that which has broken the harmony of his forces. For the only obstacle of a person is a streak of despondency in him. The energy of joy makes flowers bloom in the heart. Only the orange colour can issue rays of creation. And the foundation of dark blue and blue lies in that colour, and there is awe in them.
The second power after joy is awe. No meditation can develop awe. But as soon as joy and awe are merged together, so rays of all colours spread from the powers of heart and consciousness, and a person, having passed all planes, acquires spiritual unity with the Teacher.
To develop psychic powers through any kind of exercise without having the main background of merged joy and awe is just as dangerous as to develop psychic powers of sight when looking at a bright fire. The cornea of the eye will deteriorate and that’s the result.
It’s time for a person to understand that the period of great evolution of the human organism is approaching. The first place should be given to mental forces. But in order for future humanity to be able to move into this evolution, it is necessary that the people’s intellect can become their help, and not the rust of the spirit.

How to combine the work of mind and heart? The education given to a person in chaos does not make any durable canvas for the growth of his spirit. But as soon as a family begins to recognize itself not as coincidentally united people, but as a group united by a complex chain of age-old karma, the first wave of disharmony will pass and forms of relations will be created that will help a clear vision of external and internal circumstances.
What tasks should the disciples carry in themselves breaking into groups now led by the Bright Brotherhood? In addition to fidelity and honour, purity and peace, it is necessary in your grey day to systematically, as a homeopathic medicine, activate the power of a harmonious combination of mind and heart in yourself and the one you meet.
Developing this harmony, what should be the main focus? Will power? Patience? Nothing can be achieved by persistence of will, but excessive wear of the nerves and the heart. The essence of the matter is that everything is in yourself should become the basis of the struggle for peace between the mind and the heart. Both mind and heart are the integral parts of everything in you. And in order not to squint — like slanting eyes – in this or that, it is necessary to give merrily and easily to each cause and meeting the strength of everything — in yourself, that is, Love.
What does it mean to love? Is it possible by a will order to make oneself love the one you meet? One can only feel sorry for him, do not blame him, be condescending and affectionate. And all these properties are easy, if in himself, in his temple of the heart, a person is aware of a living flame all the time. If your temple is cold and you shake yourself with irritation and longing, then you see the temple of the heart of the oncoming one in exactly the same way. And, of course, you are full of distrust of him; full of suspicion and you value the spirit power of the oncoming one low, for in yourself there is no light and fidelity. How can you recognize them in another, if in you they are coldly silent or their struggle drowns out everything.

Life is a struggle. The struggle and the Great Work of the Forces of Light set in motion everything around that is visible and invisible to man. The struggle for the sake of light and peace can be successful only if the struggler himself has reached the inner peace. If his forces are aimed at combating the streams of passions that still boil in him, then his struggle will not bring peace to any consciousness and cause, and therefore no help.
A depressed state of mind rests just as heavily on a person himself as on the whole living ring of people he meets. There is no separation in spiritual currents; and even if outwardly a man fenced off from other people, inwardly he infects them even with the timbre of his voice.
It is easy for a person who wants to join the members of the Bright Brotherhood, who wants to bring peace to the world, to realize what his first duty is. Listening to the voice of joy in himself, he must make sure that not a single ray of melancholy and despondency is sent to the heart temples of people he meets. For the dispatched arrow of despondency will almost always find energy for itself to triple its strength.
Moving in a grey day, one must see in it not a number of habitual, tedious affairs, but a series of victories as well as happiness that strengthen the spirit.