Just as the outline measures of the Great Pyramid of Egypt are held veiled under the word expression Shem Ham and Japhet, so, the key check measuring numbers of Mount Sinai are held veiled by the word name I Am That I Am.
Mount Sinai is to be derived as a modified form of Ararat, which has been shown to rest for its base upon the Garden of Eden square multiplied by 4, for one form,-or upon that square itself when its side is taken as 12 twice taken, or 12–21; where 12 and its reverse 21 are found in the turning of the flaming sword, which is cherebv, or 2Io,-the word differently pointed being Horeb, the name of one of the mountains of which Mount Sinai was composed, and as to the numbers of which the cipher may be disregarded.
The modification is as follows:–As said, the measuring number 6561 raised from the center of the Garden to form Ararat as 1656 (and read downward to form 6561), is so formed of component parts that one of them is made to embrace the 600 years of the generations of Noah raised high up to the surface of the Flood, to signify the figurative use of the flood part of the story as a mode of correction of a circle of 6oo years to conform to a proper point on the outer circle of the Zodiac, by the blotting out of 150 days — Thus the use of this 600 as a number is to make a circle of light in the heavens, under the designation of years, –and the number rests on for its support, or is a part of the 1656 from Adam, in the Garden. Deduct this 600 from that of which it forms a part and we have 1656–600=1056, or separated, the numbers 10 and 5 and 6, which are the letters jod and hé and vav of Jehovah’s name, — now changed in order from jod and vav and hé to jod and hé and vav, — by which as is seen a permutation, or T’mura, has been worked on the letters in their rearrangement agreeably to Halevi in Cosri. This new form of numbers of Ararat, as 6–5–1 o, composes the name Sinai, and is purposed to designate that mountain. Draw a slope line of a mountain whose value shown, say, by the numbers of courses of masonry will be 1056, upward to a vertex at the number 6 and let the opposite slope line descend having the same numbers, –then the numbers up and down the mountain will read 1056501. This will be Mount Sinai. Prolong these slope lines upward indefinitely, for the upper extension of the 6oo of Noah, and in this pattern with its inverted mountain lines we will have the outlined use made of the measures of Ararat to form the diagram for the exhibitions of Sinai, — as will be seen further on. And thus, as has been said, the successive narratives are really but modified uses of one typical form, apart from, and having nothing to do with space and time. Ararat and Sinai are forms of one and the same type, the base-factor on which they are constructed being the Garden of Eden square, which in turn is the square form of the first day.
So, also, the word water, and its number uses, is made to have a common typical office, out of which measures of the same two mountains are made to spring. For:—from the center of the Garden four rivers are described as flowing, necessarily of water. The word water is מים whose characterizing digits are 4 and 1 and 4, or together 414,- and this is seen to be merely a rearrangement of the numbers of the name Adam, or 144, out of which, or by means of which, the Garden itself was formed. There being four of water, for the four rivers, then 414×4 will give us 1656, or the measure from this center of the Garden to the Flood, –and the figure of these rivers is raised for the very purpose of affording a mode of showing that the 1656 is in essential relation with Adam and the center of the Garden. Just as we have this use so likewise and indeed the use of water affords an origin for the proceedings at Sinai. Let us go over the figurative ground of the story: — As has been said the name Pharoah has the value of 355, or the number of days of the lunar year. But there were two values used for this year, the other being of 354 days;–the true and exact measure laying between these whole numbers. These two values were initial to other values. We have, first, the form 355, 360, 365 where it ends in the solar year of 365 days. But there was a week solar year of 364 days, of 52 weeks, and this sprung from the initial 354, after a like form as 354, 359, 364. And in these we see a use of the Kirjath Arba, or City-of-4 of Caleb. As the cycles of the year were gods,- so the human monarch had the earthly designation of such godhead, –and the royalty of the heavens was borrowed as a fitting diadem for the earthly ruling house;— just as the triple crown, the imitation of the three crowns of light already described, adorns the head of the Pope. So, while Pharoah was the representative of the male form of these year cycles, “Pharoah’s daughter” was the fitting representative of the female form thereof, — and so we, have under the designation of “Pharoah’s daughter” the female lunar year of the circle of 354 days. And this was the personage who while engaged about bathing in the water (414) of the Nile river discovered, named, and adopted Moses as her child. The Greek word Neilos had the value of 365, and the river was that of the sun or of the year, – and thus any one can see how fitting the preparation was under this explanation for the entrance on the scene of Moses, whose office it was to work out and monument the exact value of the lunar year at Sinai. Moses is represented as being the (man, 1.44) child of a Hebrew woman. We now know the figurative uses of the words man and woman. The word for “Hebrew” holds in itself the derivative designation of “division of the heavens,”—and as an embracing figure of these Moses is placed in an ark of reeds, or measures, in the waters of the river of Osiris and Isis, or the sun and the moon. The child was carried to Pharoah’s daughter, who said: “He shall be called “Moses ‘ because he was extracted out of the water.” As said, water is 414, and if we divide this number by 12, we will have 412/12=34.5, which is, in fact, the name Moses,-for the name is משה, the sum of the value of the letters of which are 345. Hence we have a similar figurative use of water as to both mountains to in part initiate their measuring uses. It is then stated that she adopted him as her son. For consanguinity the child must partake of the nature of the mother, and hence the term adoption indicates some change in the quality of Moses to become this son of royalty, or Pharoah’s daughter. In what did the royalty consist? Why, in this story it consisted in the divine royalty of the circle of the lunar year of 354 days, –and, so, to work this adoption the numbers of Moses’ name, of 345, had to have the permissive change to 354, to become of one flesh with his mother;-and this was the adoption intended. In all this laying out the grounds on which to base the future life history of the man, we become to some extent fore-advised and prepared for the ultimate developments at the Mount Place the three letters of the name Moses so that each one thereof shall stand at the point of a triangle (it may be that of the Pythagorean right angled triangle), and as numbers they can be read as345 or 354 or 435, to accommodate to the changes desired by permutation.
And as to this subject of permutation,- the alleged miracle of changing water into blood by pouring water onto the ground, is an instance, worked in the following manner: -The word for ground, is Adamah, which as a derivation from the word Adam may be used as that word. (By the rules of Caballah it is permissible to drop the final hé). The word Adam for ground is the number 144. The word for water is mim, with the numbers 414 as said. If now water be poured upon the ground it will sink through the sand and disappear, so that thus the word 414 will disappear and now the ground, or the word Adam, or 144 in place of 414, becomes visible. But if you read 144 in the reverse, the letter reading may become dàmi, דמי or 441, which last word is, by translation, bloods, as for instance “the bloods of thy brother” in Genesis. It stands as a professed miracle, but was as a truth, only intended to work out the permutation of numbers for measuring purposes, and is the prototype of the like miracle set forth in the New Testament, viz., that of changing water into wine (the bloods of the grape) at the marriage feast of Cana in Galilee. The Name “Cana” being from our Hebrew קנה a measure, and “Galilee » from Gâllāl, a circle.
Having premised thus much,- for the remainder of this article quotation shall be made from a MSS on this subject, as follows:– The principal characteristic use of the name Jehovah was to make use of its numbers to obtain the exact measure in days of the lunar year, as the knowable manifestation of the Unknowable Deity, or the Ain Soph.
But we can ask ourselves:— Who was this Jehovah whose dwelling was thus prepared by Moses? It is true, as he describes himself, that he was the Sacr, or the originator of all physical life, under the symbol of Priapus, but he was also more specialized, and the especial problem of the name was worked out in the elaborate picture, or series of pictures, embracing the birth of Moses, and the closing scenes of Mount Sinai. Moses was a man (113) child, whose name was given him as a token of his essence, that is, of his being taken out of the water, and so that the name should be adaptable to a new birth, viz., the becoming son of Pharoah’s daughter by adoption. Pharoah, as said, was 355, the source of one form of year periods, viz., 355, 360, 365, and Pharoah’s daughter was the source, in 354, of the feminine or gestative form of the same, viz., 354, 359, 364. Moses came into this royal Pharoah time of the moon family, of 355 and 354, by adoption. The name of Moses is משה, whose sum in numbers is 345, which numbers read as placed each one letter thereof at the point of a triangle, and the triangle in the bound of a circle, can be made to take the form, or . order, of 354, or this same feminine year; and hence the change for special birth, as by adoption, by the daughter, 354, of Pharoah, 355. As a man he was 113, and as a descendant of Eve he was the derivative from Hauvah, or ‘Eva, that is הוה, or 565, the female part of the Great Name, –which is 113×5. In the process of adoption the new child had to partake of the nature or quality of the mother. The mother was 354, the new child, or Moses, was 345, the adoption then could take place by the change of 345 to 354—the figurative mode of change simply exhibiting one of the numberless ways of indicating permutation. His adoption after such fashion by Pharoah’s daughter was indicative of a working out of the derivative lunar year, 354, by the change of the position of the numbers 3, 4, 5, geometrical indication on a right angle triangle of the Pythagorean problem, to 354, a lunar year time mea sure. His ark was a bundle of reeds or measures, of lesser and greater lengths, twisted and woven into each other; which ark floated in the waters of Neilos, 365, which was the old Eridanus, or Semitic Jordan,—sometimes called Light. Lot, the nephew of Abraham, looked down upon the fertile banks, fringed with verdure and the water lily, as much prized for its symbol by the Jews as the Egyptians, through which the Jordan flowed down into the salt sea, and saw “that it was well watered everywhere, even a the Garden of Jehovah, as the land of Egypt,” by the Nile. Thus he made the comparison of the two rivers and a designation of the Nile as the river of Jehovah. By the salt sea was Sodom, and Lot replenished the earth through self-fructification by means of his own flesh; and this was a hidden symbol of the water lily, or lotus, in the water.
Having, however, premised thus much, then a part, and one of the most important parts, of the details of the various pictures of the entire panorama of the events of Sinai, was the establishment and preservation by multitudinous and varying checks of a geometrical figure, specialized by a series of number values. We will give the results here and afterward a sketch of the means of arriving at them.
Upon the lines of Sinai taken as extending up toward heaven, were certain numbers designating on these lines the name of the mountain. On the peak of Sinai rested an inverted ideal mountain, its base resting in heaven. The outlines of the two similitudes were marked by special numbers making words of description, and one especial reading of these made a play on the reading of the letters or numbers of the Ineffable Name,-forward and backward, – as 10–5–6–5—or, or Jehovah—havoheJ, or יהוהי. The many checks upon these numbers to preserve them from loss, and in order, indicated by such various modes of permitted arrangement, it is wonderful to consider. The object of the use of these particular numbers was to obtain the result of their application upon a geometrical diagram. Under the Cabbalistic law of T’mura, or of “Separation and Reuniting,” the order of the numbers was changed from 10565ol to 501 1506. It will be found that the 501 1506 expresses the value of the diagonal of a square whose side is numerically 354.367.0548; that is, the square root of twice the square of the last number will be 501 1506. The significance of the number value of the side of this square is, more than all else, the object of the narrative of the proceedings about Sinai, and it is this: —
The synodic lunar month, or that wherein the moon comes again into conjunction with the sun, has
29.5305879+ days.
The lunar year of 12 of such months, has
354.367.0548+ days,
or the side of our resultant Sinai square.
Thus, on the foundation of the simple story of the Hebrew boy, and his experience as a man, 113, with Jehovah on Mount Sinai, there is worked out with great care, the exact astronomical value of the lunar year. Jehovah and Moses in the working of the pictures become but changes on a common number, in this way, viz., that while Moses is to be known by 345, Jehovah assumes the value to himself under the title “I Am That I Am» of 543, or the reverse of 345. Jehovah was the genius, par excellênce, of the lunar year, because in one, and the most emphasized of his manifestations, this of Mount Sinai, he denotes the exact time of that year in the natural measure of days. In another of his manifestations he was Sacr; as he asserts himself. Thus we mark the common use in this name of a symbol for geometry, for time, and for generative processes.
The Biblical narrative of Moses and his proceedings at Mount Sinai interpreted as a mode of Art-Speech.
The Hebrew name Moses was more than all else a number word, although composed of letters of pictorial significance, M being the picture of water, Sh the picture of a bush and of fire, and hé the representative by Cabbalah of the womb. The word is M sh h, משה, whose digits run 4, 3, 5, the sum of the values of the letters being 345, the sum of the digits of which is 12. As seen, the digit numbers are those least numbers which applied on the lines of a right angle triangle, then, their squares work out exactly, in numbers the process and results of the theorem of what is called the Pythagorean problem, or the 47th problem of Euclid.
By tradition, IO, or Ino, the daughter of Luna, saved Bacchus out of the waters of the Nile, and in like manner Phanoah’s daugh ter, that is, again, the daughter of Luna, saved Moses out of the same waters. By the Egyptian scheme of the divisions of the heavens (that is Hebron, חברן) this celestial circle was divided into 144 parts (Seyffarth). The same circle also measured the 24 hours of the day, divided into 12 of day and 12 of night, and the 12 of night were those over which the moon reigned, whose nightly arc also measured the semi-circle of the heavens as to the month by 14 stations, or two phases of the moon of 7 spaces each. It will be shown hereafter that the Garden of Eden was constructed out of the number 144, which is the Hebrew proper name Adam, ADM, or the square of 12. By old tradition this was a most beautiful place, surrounded by water, or a sea, having four rivers running into it from the center of the Garden, towards the North, the South, the East and the West The Hebrew word for water is mim מים), whose characterizing digits are in order 414; — by which it is seen that the order of the numbers to form the word water is but a change made upon the digit numbers of the word ADM, or 144. In fact if the numbers 144 are placed on a triangle or on the bound of a circle representing the circle of the heaven, or the boundary of Eden, it may be read as 414, or the water of the encircling firmament. Take such a circle with such a reading and divide it by 12, the quotient, for each space, will be 345, or the Hebrew word M-sh-h, or Moses, משה, in the sum of its letters;–which by change, for each, may give 354, or a great circle of 12 such years. Now the fact is that the waters in which the finding of Moses was located, was Neilos, or 365, which notoriously was the river of time. As to him, it is said in the 10th verse of the second chapter of Exodus; – “And the child grew and she brought him unto Pharoah’s daughter, and he became her son. And she called his name Moses: and she said, — ‘because I drew him out of the water.’” To become her son he had in some sort or way to partake of her substance, and as she was 354, he became her son by the simple change of his own numbers 345 into 354, whereby he became a time measure, which was his great office. Of Moses it was said that he was learned in all the learning of the Egyptians, and by some he was called Hermes. By old tradition the scene of his birth and education was under the Great Egyptian Pyramid, which was called Light, the same with the land of Ur (AOR, Light) from whence Abram. As to this Bryant says:—“I make no doubt but in the town of Geeza,” where are the pyramids, “we see the remains of the ancient Goshen,”—that the principal city was Caer-Cush-Aur, -“the Arabian city of Aur,” אור, Light, that the land of Goshen was an “Arabian Nome,”— that as the subjected shepherds increased in numbers they were employed by Amenophis in the stone quarries on the east side of the Nile, Mokkatan, and were granted a retreat in the city of Abaris, which “city is no other than Ur, or Aur, which signifies Light, and fire» (Bryant’s Ancient Mythology, Vol. 6, p. 114). The learning of the Egyptians was contained in the Great Pyramid, the Palace of the judge of the dead, on the Western, or sepulchral side of the Nile. “Again having crossed these waters and having entered the great judgment hall (the Hebrew place Dan, דן, judgment, anciently Laisch, at the springs of the Jordan, Eridanus) the deceased stands before Osiris (the heavenly Pharoah) seated upon a throne having 9 steps. Here he answers the interrogatories of the 42 judges by the aid of Horus the Redeemer.” Moses was a figure of the learning embodied in the Great Pyramid, and his life history, and the proceedings from the exodus to Sinai, and to Mount Abarim, the relief city of Abaris over again, that is, Mount Nebo, or the wisdom of Hermes, his final stopping place opposite to ירח, (the moon), was but a mode of Art-Speech, setting forth the sum of this learning. On it was founded a basis governing the outward ritual of a religious system, none the less important because it was obscure. The modern church rests upon the same foundation in the astronomical tables founded on what is called the Metonic Cycle;—as to which see Bishop Brownell’s Book of Common Prayer and Ferguson’s Astronomy. The workings of this Metonic Cycle are really very old, and are to be found in the Great Pyramid. They were borrowed by the Greeks, who never gave credit to the source from whence they obtained them. They were by far older than the Pyramid, and belonged apparently to the primeval Semitic stock from whence all learning, both alphabet, numbers, geometry and astronomy.
Let us now elaborate a Moses use of the name Jehovah to obtain among many others, a measure of time.
(a) Let us first indicate a mode of the squares of numbers, taken from Thomas Taylor’s Arithmetic, wherein the detail of process of composing the squares of numbers by addition is set forth, thus:–
2 2 2
1 1 1 1

Here we have the pyramidal forms of 121,–12321, and so on, suggestive of a pyramid in construction. The addition of the numbers of any series yields a sum which is the square of the vertex number thereof, as1+2+1= 4, which is the square of 2. Thus, this pyramid use, by shape, becomes a numerical mode of obtaining the squares of numbers. By the Pythagorean philosophy the expression of the all was contained in the first four numbers, the sum of which is 10, the sacred jod of the Hebrews, the picture of the circle with its diameter line, the parts of the ansated cross, the generative source, and so on.
(b). To commence the interpretation of our picture-panorama we will quote a use of the God-word Elohim, from Cabbalah. Ginsburg, inhis Cabbalah, page 12, as to the origin of the Sephiroth, the substance of the Archetypal Man, quoting, says:—“The prophet Elias having learned in the heavenly college the profound mystery and true import of the words in Isaiah, xi, 25, 26, “To whom will ye liken me and shall I be equal saith the Holy One. Lift up your eyes on high and behold who (מי) hath created these (אלה) things,”—revealed to R. Simon Ben Jochai that God in his absolute nature is unknown and is incomprehensible, and hence, in a certain sense, non-existent; that this who (Y), unknown subject) had to become active and creative, to demonstrate his existence, and that it is only by these (אלה) works of creation that He made Himself known to us. It is, therefore, the combination of the unknown who (מי) with these אלה visible, these works, that showed Him to be God, that is, אלה-ים. Elohim, which is produced by מי transposed, i.e., ים for מי, and united with אלה.” That is, Elohim (God) אלה-ים made these (Sephiroth). But the Hebrew Sephiroth means numbers, and numbers can be made to represent the properties of all things; therefore, the power and force of the name Elohim by numerical use to be made of it in various ways,- its first manifestation being that of 31415, circumference of a circle whose diameter is One. This passage from Cabbalah not only gives us authority for, but an illustration of, the changes of the order of arrangement of letters in a word to form combinations of numbers, and the pictures or chiffres out of which they are made to spring.
From this authority let us take a use of the Hebrew God-word Elohim (God) divided in the same component parts as above, namely, ים—אלה. This word has its radical as אלה ālh, composed of אל āl, or el, male, and hé, ה, female; to which the plural suffix ים, im, is added to make the full word or name אלהים, Elohim, or Alhim, that is, God. The sum value of the letters of אלה, ālh, is 36, and the running values of ים, im, the plural suffix, are 0401; and for the separations of the word we have 0401-36. Multiply 0401 by 36 and we have 144-36; or the use of the numbers of the God-word to produce the expression of the square of 12 and of 6. Let this be so, and let us use these expressions on a pyramidal form as suggested in (a). Let the 36 as the square of 6 rest upon the side of a square base, so that the side will be 12 and the area of the base 144. This is at once the type of the Garden of Eden and the Great Pyramid, as is fully shown in these writings. The numbers making 36, are, as in (a), to make the pyramid super structure, and, as it is presentable in this diagram —

Here is a vertical section of a mountain with a base side of 12, and a base whose area is 144, whose pyramidal height is made out of, to show them, those numbers which added give the 2 square of 6, or 36, our Alh, or אלה. From this use of these numbers 144-36, thus derived, this diagram may be called a picture of “The Mountain of God,” or “The Mountain of Elohim.”
(c). Add the numbers up one side of this mountain, (1+2+3+ 4+5+6 =21), and as their sum we have 21, the reverse of 12, the measure of the base; and it is out of these numbers that the measure of the diameter of the original semi-sphere from whence the Great Pyramid (Part I) is grouped as 12212, which is the sum of 6561 and 5651. Add the numbers of the other side together and we likewise have 21, the reverse of 12. Thus the sum of the two sides is42, indeed by Cabbalah a great god-number, and the number of the 42 judges in the palace of the dead, the Great Pyramid, the home of Hermes or Moses (as to the peculiar mode of trial of the dead by questions of architectural construction, consult an address of Mr. W. R. Cooper, entitled “Egypt and the Pentateuch»). This mountain then can likewise be constructed out of the use of the simple numbers I and 2, to form 12 and 21, with the seggregation of numbers thereof; and thus out of the Hebrew word AB, אב, or 1, 2, which word Ab is “Father.” Now take the word Horeb, חרב, and we find that the sum of the values of its letters is 8+200+2=210. This is the same word with cherebv, חרב, that “flaming sword” which was turned every way at the entrance of the Garden of Eden,-the “turning” being given to show the reverse use of 12, as 21. In this word the cipher may be disregarded, and by the digits we have 1 and 2, to be used as 12 or 21, the sword word, of 12, applying itself in all directions, by its turning, by simple reversal of its numbers or edge. This word Horeb is a check word, of the same numbers, under another form, under another name. That is, we might say, as to this use of this picture construction,-
“The Mount of God, which is Horeb.”
In Exodus, chap. iii, verse 1, we find – “Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro, his father-in-law, the priest of Midian ; and he led the flock to the back side of the desert and came to The Mountain of God even Horeb, and the angel of Jehovah appeared unto him in a flame of fire, out of the midst of a bush.”
(d). Inverse 12, of the same chapter, it is said by Jehovah: — “Certainly I will be with thee; and this shall be a token unto thee that I have sent thee: when thou hast brought forth the people out of Egypt ye shall serve God upon this mountain.” This “Mountain of God even Horeb,” then, was Mount Sinai. Therefore, we have here the embracement of “The Mountain of God (Elohim) even Horeb” and Mount Sinai, as that of one and the same mountain under different names. The reason of this is that the numbers composing the name of one mountain, may serve, by a changed use, to compose the name of another, thus working a system of checks.
(e). By the old Pythagorian method all numbers are made to issue from the first four, viz., 1, 2, 3 and 4, because the sum of these is 10, the Holy number, from whence originated all the remaining digits. Let us change the numbers up the lines of the Mount of Elohim, or God, by the substitution of 10 for 1, 2, 3 and 4 of our 1, 2 3, 4 5 and 6. By this we have worked the change shown in the diagram, so that for the order 123456, we may have 10-5,6, as shown.

But these numbers indicate Hebrew letters, viz., samech, nun and jod, or, 8, together, סני, and make the word Sinai (defection for סיני), so that by this process the name of Mount Elohim and Horeb becomes changed to that of Sinai,-for the sum of 10 and 6 and 5 is 21, just as is that of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, only that we have here the use of the cipher, or 0, in making the addition. These mountains in one are the Mountains of Jehovah, or that on which Jehovah became manifest in a bush of fire.
(f). Let us now change the shape used to another so as to pre sent the three-corner slope lines of a pyramid, or a mountain, the fourth line remaining out of view or concealed, giving the same value for every one of the lines up the mountain. In 5 so doing, continue these corner lines up to and beyond the vertex of the mountain. So we will S have by diagram or picture:–

Here, in the lines extended beyond the top, we have the figure ש.This is the shape of a bush springing out of the ground. This shape is also that of the letter shin, or the Hebrew S, or Sh, from the Egyptian papyrus, whose characteristic or digit value is 3, a great fundamental number, being the root of 9, 81, and 6561. As a letter, or picture, it was esteemed as the symbol of fire or flame. This form of a mountain emitting from its top three rays into the heaven, can be seen in the picture of St. Michael’s Mount, and also in that of Stonehenge, in Hargrave Jenning’s Rosicrucians. Let it benoticed that for the letters of Sinai as numbered on the side of the mountain (or 10 for the letter jod, for the letter nun the number 5 digit of 50, and for the letter samech, or 6, the digit of 60) we can place another set of letters corresponding to the same in digit value, thus:—

י ה ו ה י
10 5 6 5 01
י נ ס נ י

and in doing this, we find that the other set of letters, corresponding by number indications, partly the same, and partly of a lower order, with those of the word Sinai, composes the great god word Jehovah, read either way, from right to left, or from left to right.
Extend the slope lines of Mount Sinai so constructed upward, continuing them so as to form an inverted mountain or pyramid. On the lines so extended place like numbers, in the same order, with those on the lines of Sinai, and then place the letters of the word Jehovah on the upper lines to correspond with the numbers, thus:—

The effect of this is that in the lines of Sinai projected upward to form a mountain inverted, or so as to picture our bush or flame of fire, we have by use of the same numbers as designated on the lines of the mountain of God, of Horeb and of Sinai, by simple change of letters to correspond with the same index numbers or digits, the word Jehovah, as of one descending on the mount; which word appears to us on the lines thereof, as on those of a bush, so that the lines of the bush enter into the composition of the name as the Hebrew letter Sh, or ש, the symbol of fire. Combine this letter with the name יהוה, or jod hé vav hé, thus composed on its lines, and we have the word name
or J’hoshua, the leader of the hosts after Moses, and in contrast with him the symbol of the Sun. It is a scheme of transfiguration, by which the spiritual Jehovah enters into, becomes, and forms a man, so that as the word Jehovah is from 565 as 56.5× 10, and 565 is the word נונ, Nun, or fish, as well as הוה, Houva or Eva, the female part of the Great Name, — and as this New Name J’hoshua, is framed from and constructed from the same Great Name, therefore it is said of this name so springing from transfiguration, that it was from Nun, and hence the term J’hoshua the son of Nun, which indeed was the same as Jesus the son of a Fish, and the very essential foundation of the New Testament Dispensation, agreeably to the Four Gospels. The narrative of the transfiguration of the Gospels is but the changed form of repeating the same substance borrowed from its prototype of Mount Sinai.
This Sinai inverted is the Mountain of the Lord Jehovah, having its base in the heaven. Another form of a like mountain was that on which Abraham was made by narration to offer his son Isaac; where the words Isaac-Elohim-Jireh connect themselves with the words the Mountain Jehovah Jireh. On this last, by the use of the four lines instead of three for the outlines of the mountain, the bush is changed into “a thicket:” — and as to this, on one of the faces of the cube used with the T’philin is the letter Sh or ש with three prongs, while on another face the same letter has four prongs. This also is a picture of a measure of time, and by use of the name Isaac we may find a square whose side is 19.085317+ with an area of 364. 242256, or the luni-solar year of 364 days, with a decimal such that if one day be added by the mode of Kirjath-Arba, or the City of-4, already explained, we will have 365.242256+, or the time value in days of the tropical solar year. “The ש of the T’philin is a decree of Moses from Sinai.” (Zohar).
But we have others, and with what has been said, the most conclusive checks to prove that we are making a right use of the words and their numbers, with the modes of using them, as follows:–
The numbers of the name Moses are those of I Am That I Am, so that the names Moses and Jehovah become at one and in numerical harmony with each other,<-and also so that the three names Moses, Jehovah, and J’hoshua, are but forms of one and the same showing in the Sinai figure. (g) (1). The word Moses is משה, and the values of the sum of its letters is 345, as already said. Add the values or numbers upward on each of the two outside lines of our mountain of Sinai and we will have I0+5+6=21 for the one side, and the same result for the other distinctive side. On the middle line we have the numbers 10 and 5, which we can read as 105, or its reverse, 501, and this last use as a hinting indication, or “rámaz,” is justified by the result. Add these sums together and we have 21+501+21, making a total sum of 543, or the value of Moses' name reversed, or the use of his name read backward. From this it is true that if we take these numbers viz., 345 and 543, for names of persons, then it might be said that the front or face of the first could only correspond in order, position, or arrangement with the back of the other or second, and that to see the last the first could not, as a matter of consequence, see the face of the second but only his back, a kind of riddle of expression only to denote the reverse order in which the numbers are found to stand by the operation of producing them. And thus it is that the name of Moses in the sum of its letters reversed, as 543 for 345, gives in the number 543 a value, which by separation into 21, 501, and 21, and again from thence into the original from whence these were made up, as stated, will apply to the values of the lines of all these mountains:—so that all of them successively are but simple developments out of uses of the numbers of one name, –in this instance jod, and hé, and vav. But (2). To show that the use in (1) is almost conclusively true: — still keeping up the system of checks upon the work, we have the following:— In the third chapter of Exodus, in the 13th and 14th verses, it is said:—“And Moses said unto God, behold I come unto the children of Israel and shall say unto them. The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say unto me, What is his name? What shall I say unto them? And God said unto Moses I Am That I Am” The Hebrew words for this expression are ahiyé asher ahiyé, and in the values of the sums of their letters stand thus:— אהיה אשר אהיה 2 1 501 2 1 or the very combination of the very check numbers which we have found, and have been using on this mountain problem. This being his name, the sum of the values composing it, or 21, 501, 21, is 543, or simply a use of the digit numbers in the name of Moses, or again, those of the sum of the values of the letters of his name, but now so ordered that the name of 345 is reversed, and reads 543. There is reference to this fact in the 33d chapter of Exodus, for it is there said:—“And the Lord, Jehovah, said unto Moses, I know thee by thy name, thou canst not see my face, thou shalt see my back; but my face shall not be seen.” In other uses of the numbers they saw each other face to face.—the notable instance being that already quoted, viz., within the tabernacle, over the mercy seat, between the meeting of the wings of the cherubim, where J'hoshua was found to be without going there, or as the expression of Jehovah coming down on to the mount transferred, for whatever was designed by the figure, to the interior of the tabernacle. Now, as this last proceeding at this place was to denote the value of the lunar year of 354 days, this meeting of these two face to face, denoted the change of expression of these values from 345–543 wherein they could not see each other, thus to another form by changing the position of the number 3, so as to make the numbers read 453—354, wherein the reading of the numbers outward from the center is that, of the lunar year, and the faces of the expression are toward each other. It is strange that if we add 345 to 543 we have 888, which was the Gnostic cabbalistic value of the name of Christ, who was this J’hoshua or simply Joshua. The names of all these mountains, then, spring from the use of one set of numbers, viz., - Jod, and Hé, and Vav, or 10, and 5, and 6. (h). Thus we see that all these mountains and all these names, as Moses, Jehovah, Joshua, Sinai, I Am That I Am, and so on, are grouped around and are checks upon the preservation and use of one set of number values, the essential numbers of the name Jehovah, which belong to our measuring ratio 113 to 355, which number values grow out of the letters jod, and hé, and vav, or the 10 and 5and 6 of that name, agreeably to the general suggestion of Halevi of Cosri; which letters and combination we may place at the highest post of honor of use, because designative of the greatest name, viz., Jehovah, but so arranged on the lines of the burning bush, as to make use of the letter hé a second time, and attract to the name the repetition of this letter, that is to take this form, viz., י ה ו ה י 10 5 6 5 01 so as to read the full name Jehovah in the combination Jehovah—havoheJ. The chief end of all this system of number checks was to preserve in perpetuity the exact value of the lunar year in the natural measure of days and parts thereof. (i). But it may be stated:—such a series of checks in coordinating uses is very much like those made use of in what is called double-entry bookkeeping, and should be for like purpose, viz., for absolute security, so long as the record itself should last, for the preservation of some statement of very great value indeed. In this case this play and check upon these numbers was an absurdity unless it had some worthy and definite object in view. It had such an object, and that was the preservation of the exact astronomical measure of the lunar year in days. (1). Goldzieher (Mythology among the Hebrews) says:– “What was the antiquity of this lunar year worship (as of a god) among the Hebrews is testified, as has been known, by the part played by Mount Sinai in the Hebrew religion. For this geographical name is doubtless related to Sin one of the Semitic names for the moon. The mountain must in ancient times have been consecrated to the moon.” And, also, Fuerst says in his “Dictionary”:—“Sinai: perhaps from Sin, moon, among the Zabeans (star worshipers) i. e., dedicated to the moon.” Now the lord of this mountain was Jehovah, or rather he was the mountain, because its title was composed out of the numbers of his name, as stated,—all which is an additional determinative of the fact to be shown, that the scheme was a use of the measure of that year which was personified as the very god himself whose number name isbeing used. – (2). The synodic lunar month, or that wherein the moon comes' again into conjunction or marriage with the sun, has 29.5305879+ days. The lunar year of 12 such months has 354.3670548+ days. Let this last value be the side of a square, then the diagonal of this square will be 5011506, or simply the rearrangement of the numbers of the use of the name Jehovah on the lines of the Burning Bush, forming the name J'hoshua or Joshua, or of the name Sinai on the lines of that mountain. This rearrangement – is made under the law of T’mura, and is accomplished on the Tarot of a five-pointed star, converted into a pyramid by the joining of its corner lines, with a pillar of support from the center of its base to its vertex, the center being at the crossing of diagonal lines of the base. If on the corners of the base of this, two fives be placed, one at a corner, and also two ones, one at a corner, a cipher at the vertex, and a six at the foot of the pillar then it will be found, that the numbers may be read either as 1056501, or 5011506, - by which changed reading of the numbers the diagonal of the lunar year measuring square is found as diagramed. And thus here we have the very reason why this was the “mountain of the moon,” or mountain dedicated to the moon, viz., because by a number use of its Semitic name of Sinai, to form another, viz., Jehovah, it could be made to produce those very numbers, which, by a quite simple rearrangement could give, as seen, an exact mea sure of the lunar year in days. It is strange, yet in harmony with what appears to be the truth, viz., that all the nations derived their Pantheons from the Semitic source,—it is strange, I say, that the mythological name Juno, which stands for the Roman Juno, when rendered into the Hebrew, or rather as the Hebrew rendered into the Latin, gives the key numbers for the same process, as:—jod, or J, 10, and Nun (fish) or n, 5, (digit of 50) and vav, Latin o, 6; and this Ino, or Juno, was the same with Luna, who saved Bacchus, out of the waters of the Nile river. (Nork's Wörterbuch, under the caption Moses). The name Jehovah being made use of for these measuring purposes, it is to be seen that the work falls under the use of our Man even Jehovah measure of 113 to355. There are a number of confirmatory facts as to this moon measuring use of this mountain. It was made use of for measuring cycles of time through the ascertained measures of the lunar and solar year, —for instance the Metonic cycle of 19 tropical years with 235 revolutions of the moon;–– which last is referred to by St. Paul when he says of Hagar, the bond-woman of Abraham, that she was Mount Sinai in Arabia. Her name gave the number 235, or that number of lunar revolutions to work out with these 19 tropical years this cycle; hence, the statement that she was Mount Sinai. The number 27 is of cabbalistic significance. Its root is 3×9, and as 2.7×3 it gives 81. But divide it by 2 and unfold its parts thus, 27/2=135 – 531, and we have the numbers 113 and 355, or our Jehovah measuring ratio. It is alike device for showing this ratio, with that of woman in the Garden. It is interesting to note here that the 600 year period of Noah was of itself a cycle limit, a discovery of Cassini. For 600 years of 365 days, 5 hours, 51 minutes, 36 seconds, each, are 219146 days, and 7421 lunar revolutions of 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds, each, are also 2 19146 days and a half. As to this Josephus says that the antediluvians made use of their great age in astronomical and geographical discoveries, especially of the period of 600 years, or “the great year completed in that interval.” (See article Light from Ancient Wisdom, by E. Bedell Benjamin, in The International Standard, for July, 1887.)