Those whom we meet in our life on Earth
Are enemies or friends from previous births,
Among them our old enemies are lots
For us be able to untie the karmic knots.

That hatred into love we could transform,
Old attitude with joy we could inform,
Old enemies we cannot recognize,
That our life to all be able to sacrifice.

Sometimes we meet our very old friend,
Of whom some clear signs our dreams may send,
As if a star with a kindred star thus speaks,
As if a soul another soul thus seeks.

It’s obvious when in two worlds we live
That debts on the earthly plane we should forgive,
They shouldn’t be burdens on our path above,
Where everything’s harmony, joy and love.

Like in the firmament twin stars shine bright,
To bring on Earth the mundane cosmic light,
So old friends each life strive to deserve
That Universal Brotherhood they’ serve.